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25 November 2021

16 Days of Activism Kicks Off!

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Since 1991, from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) until 10 December (Human Rights Day), the... Read more

20 November 2021

Is demographic change a crisis or an opportunity?: Governments and thought leaders will come together in Sophia to discuss demographic resilience

The issue of demographic change has been among the hottest issues in the world, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, due to the declining fertility rates, increasing aging in the society and... Read more

27 October 2021

UNFPA celebrates its 50th Anniversary in Turkey

Having touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with works in areas including human rights, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights and continuing to work for women,... Read more

18 October 2021

It was a huge relief to get vaccinated for myself and my babies

For almost two years now, the world has been struggling with one of the most serious health crises of the modern world, COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has resulted in major changes in various... Read more

13 September 2021
Press Release

A support call from UNFPA for women and girls who bear the brunt of the crisis in Afghanistan

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Afghanistan has long faced multiple humanitarian crises. Now, the ongoing increased insecurity and instability is only worsening the situation, particularly for women and... Read more

6 September 2021

Refugees with disabilities find hope in Turkey

ANKARA, TURKEY - Ryman, 43, from northern Syria, has been unable to walk ever since she was a small child. When the war in Syria started in 2011, life became even more difficult for her. In 2017—and... Read more

11 August 2021

No matter what, I will send my daughter to school!

Child, early and forced marriages continue to violate women's right to bodily autonomy all around the world and prevent them from accessing fundamental rights such as health and education. Today,... Read more

9 August 2021
Press Release

UNFPA Turkey Empowers Young Refugees with the Support of the Government of Japan

There are 1,7 million young refugees in Turkey. Young refugees are among the most vulnerable groups in Turkey as they face various challenges in areas of protection, health, education, employment and... Read more

4 August 2021

Healing lives through support and hope

Since the beginning of the Syria conflict in 2011, almost 13,5 million Syrian have been forcibly displaced, more than 6,5 million of whom had to flee their home country in search of safety. Over 200,... Read more

30 July 2021

UNFPA supports Turkey’s COVID-19 response in the remotest areas

Since 2020, the world has been struggling with one of the most infectious viruses in world history, COVID-19 pandemic. While the virus has become a pandemic in a very short time, various measures... Read more