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11 July 2019

"Her life. Her choice. Our future." - World Population Day 2019

Want to improve women’s lives and countries’ prospects for prosperity? Expand contraceptive choice. Her life. Her choice. Our future.

11 July 2019

"Want to increase birth rates? Try gender equality" - World Population Day 2019

Many countries in Eastern Europe face what is often perceived as a population crisis. Highly skilled people of reproductive age are leaving their countries to look for better opportunities elsewhere. Among those who stay, birth rates are below two children per woman; in some countries, they are closer to one. These trends have

24 June 2019

“Not HIV infected, individual who lives with HIV”

Supported by UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, and coordinated by Youth Approaches to Health Association (YAHA, Y-PEER Turkey), the Peer Theater Project, has staged the first of its many performances in Ankara,...

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