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There are 13 million young people in Turkey between ages of 15 and 24. Young people makes %16 of Turkey’s population. UNFPA is committed to invest in adolescents and youth and help them gain access to opportunities. Turkey is a country that is experiencing a significant youth bulge. Therefore  social investments in young people can help to achieve a healthy, socio-economically productive and poverty free society.

UNFPA Turkey is working in developing the skills and leadership of young people, their organizations, and organizations that support them, in order to ensure that diverse adolescents and youth have effective voices not only in UNFPA programming, but also in advocacy for national policies and programs. Although UNFPA Turkey has been working on many issues surrounding youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) such as improving knowledge of young people on SRHR through innovative peer education programmes, advocating for youth friendly health services and access to SRH education in schools, yet there are many things to be accomplished.

UNFPA has been working with Ministries, Civil Society Organizations and private sector to realize unmet needs of young people. Over the last years, UNFPA has been trying different methods, such as peer education, theatre based trainings, edutainment activities etc. to reach different youth groups to improve their knowledge on sexual and reproductive health.

In the scope of the 7th Country Programme (2021-2025), UNFPA Turkey is working on development, implementation and scaling-up of gender-sensitive, rights-based legislation and policies on sexual and reproductive health for vulnerable groups and youth; institutionalizing pre-and in-service training on sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning and HIV and youth peer-education programming, customized for vulnerable groups; designing outreach activities for vulnerable groups and youth-friendly service models for safer sexual and reproductive behaviour; combating child marriages and adolescent pregnancy through prevention programmes.