Law Enforcement Capacity-Building Training Started in Combating Violence against Women

26 March 2018

Within the scope of the "Law Enforcement Capacity Building Training Cooperation Protocol" signed between United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey, it is planned to provide trainer training to the law enforcement officers who are in charge of combating domestic and violence against women.

With the training of law enforcement officers, which was developed in cooperation with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Police General Directorate, General Command of Gendarmerie, Police Academy and Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy started on 5 March 2018, in the field of combating violence against women it has been aimed to develop the capacity of the law enforcement officers. In 8 weeks, a total of 450 law enforcement personnel will be trained upon the subject in 16 groups.

Tarıkhan Çetiner, the head of Police General Directorate, Department of Combating Domestic and Violence against Women said in preamble of the training that "I think that this training, which is about sharing the very important information regarding the duties of the police in the subject of combating violence against women will very useful for the whole police department". 

Meltem Ağduk, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Gender Program Coordinator said at the first session of the training that "With the training of our police friends, they will obtain very useful information on combating violence against women. By sharing the information with their colleagues, one more important step will be taken upon combating violence against women".

Another name who made a speech on the first day of the training series was Seda Öz Yıldız, an academic in the Police Academy. Öz Yıldız said, "After this training, the most important task that is waiting for you will be to share what you have learned today with your colleagues. I believe that the training in particular upon gender issues will offer you invaluable contributions to your daily work".

In the capacity building training supported as technical and financial by the United Nations Population Fund as well the financial support of the British Government and the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the lessons will be on; "Gender Equality", "Adult Education", "Effective Communication", "Effective Training Methods and Techniques", "Role and Responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Agencies According to Law Issue 6284", "Information Upon Violence against Women and Multilateral Approach", "Working Ethics, Principles Interview Techniques With the Women Exposed to Violence" and "International Legislation on Combating Violence Against Women".

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